Why Your Link Building Strategy Isn’t Working

Are you struggling to understand why your link building strategy isn’t living up to its hype? Are you feeling exhausted by all the conflicting advice out there on how best to curate backlinks and generate consistent referral traffic? Don’t worry, because at zö SEO, we have it all figured out and we are about to share everything you need to know in order to get your strategy pumping!

In this blog post, we demystify the often murky waters of modern link building and share some strategies that small business owners can implement in order to make their online presence more visible. Let’s get started on your journey toward a successful backlink strategy for SEO!

What are backlinks and why do they matter?

Backlinks happen when other websites link to your website pages by way of placing content-relevant backlinks within one of their documents or web pages. Search engines use these links to gauge the reputation and relevance of a site and its content. It’s important to know how to get other sites to link to yours, and not just any site, the quality of sites that are linking to your content matters to Google. They’re called quality links. For instance, if a spam site links to one of your webpages, that’s a mark against you from Google. In other words, it affects your SEO ranking. You also want links to you from sites that are in the same or related fields as you. While you cannot control who links to your site, there are at least some ways to improve your back link strategy. So that’s what we are going to talk about next. 

Taking time to learn the SEO basics can really help here, but sometimes you just need to hand it over to an experienced backlink SEO service – that’s where you contact zö SEO.

You’re not targeting the right keywords

If your backlink strategy for SEO is falling flat, you might want to take a closer look at the keywords you’re targeting: they could be the culprit behind your conundrum. It goes without saying that even the most exquisitely crafted content and the most persuasive of persuasive pitches will fail to convince if your audience isn’t engaged by what they’re seeing. So before you fumble and fret over why your link building efforts aren’t paying off, make sure you haven’t missed what should have been your first port of call: are your keywords influencing people who can be influenced by them? If not, sorting out this first step should ensure that everything else slides smoothly into place.

Your website isn’t as optimized as it could be

If the results you’re seeing from your link building management aren’t quite cutting it, consider whether or not your website is as optimized as it could be. The reality can be sobering: without a well-optimized site, with up-to-date content and functioning links, no amount of link building can turn a mediocre site into an SEO powerhouse. To really make waves in the rankings, you have to cover all your bases; a good link profile alone isn’t enough – in other words, don’t fixate on building links until you first plant those optimization foundations. Who knows – maybe that one simple step will reduce all your link woes!

You’re not using the right anchor text

If your link building strategy isn’t giving you your desired results, chances are that you’re not leveraging the power of anchor texts. Link building can be a tricky process as it involves a lot of different tactics – but one thing remains certain, anchor texts are the golden ticket to effective link building. It is essential that you use authoritative and relevant keywords in your anchor text – both for SEO purposes and also to make sure that you get the readers to stay on your website when they click on those links. The content on the page should also be up-to-date and engaging, nothing could be more counter-productive than having a boring page or broken links. If you need help at any point we offer SEO link building services so you don’t have to do it! 

Your links are coming from low-quality websites

There could be a plethora of potential issues as to why your link building strategy isn’t panning out. One likely culprit is low-quality websites. It’s great to start any link building effort, but it’s even more important to ensure that your links come from credible and reliable sources. Low-quality websites are unreliable, often filled with irrelevant information, and can drain your efforts of any positive link juice — not to mention the potential damage they can cause to your website’s trustworthiness. If you want any hope of success in your link building management, it’s time to raise your quality standards and drop these so-called “friends” from low-level websites like bottom-of-the-barrel blogs. Your business deserves better!

You’re not publishing enough content

It’s a common misconception to assume that link building is effortless; executing a successful strategy takes commitment, discipline, and – most importantly – content. The hard truth is that if you’re not generating enough content then your link building strategy isn’t going to be as effective as it could be. It may seem like an arduous task at first, and you’ll probably end up just hiring us for our SEO link building services anyways, but whichever way you go, ramping up your content output pays dividends – with more quality articles on the web to link back to yours, your reach and reputation will exponentially improve. So before you blame the algorithm or task yourself with auditing competitors’ websites, try focusing on creating more relevant and shareable content – then sit back and watch those links build!

You’re not targeting the right audience

It’s true. Without the correct demographic, it doesn’t matter how solid your content or link baiting is – if no one sees it, there won’t be an increase in traffic or brand visibility. The key lies in understanding your target customer; consider who they are, what their interests are, where they get their information from and how often. From there, you can start to build a tailored link building strategy that reaches out to those more likely to engage with your content and take action on links. Put yourself in their shoes – imagine what would capture their attention and why they should click through to your site. Making the effort of targeting people on a personal level will eventually attract a greater following to your website. If you don’t want to do any of this on your own and just want help from an experienced backlink SEO service, contact us.

Your content isn’t valuable enough

It may be that your content isn’t giving readers a reason to think of you as an authority or linking back to you as a source. To ensure that your content is valuable enough, ask yourself if it thoroughly and accurately answers questions related to what you are discussing. Then ask yourself when you’re going to give in and call us up for zö SEO white hat link building services. Until you do reach out to us, just make sure your content is organized in a way that is understandable, easy to navigate and contains meaningful images and visuals. When your audience has access to content that is informative and engaging, they are more likely to take notice. Furthermore, dig deeper into topics beyond what many of your competitors offer by researching and formulating ideas that go beyond the norm– this will help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to link building.

Where to Turn for White Hat Link Building Services?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by where to start or what tactics will work best for your company, never fear. The professionals at zö SEO are here to help you create and implement a content strategy that works. We have the experience and know-how to get your website ranking high in search engine results pages, driving traffic—and customers—to your site. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO link building services.

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